¡¡Ricecake has been loved by Chinese people as one of traditional Chinese food since long time ago, not only because it is very tasty, but also for its nice meaning as ¡°become better and better¡±. The most famous ricecke, which also has the longest history, is from Cicheng of Ningbo. That¡¯s why it is protected as place of origin.
¡¡Water levigated ricecake is traditional Ningbo local food, which is widely enjoyed by Chinese people.
¡¡Yimao rigorously uses 100% high quality local rice as the material. After more than ten working steps include soaking, levigating with water and other steps, the snow white, good looking and tasty chewy ricecke is ready to serve. The vacuumized ricecake has gone through pasteurization to prolong its shelf life while keeping well the taste.